The Illustrated Wok

Pork, Chives, and Cheddar Dumplings by Chef Medwin Pang


Pork, Chives, and Cheddar Dumplings - The Illustrated Wok, 2017

Colored Pencil, Ink

9.6" x 15.7", full book spread


The Cleaver Quarterly is a printed magazine that delves into the rich and nuanced world of Chinese cooking. On August 29, 2017, they launched a Kickstarter for their new recipe book, The Illustrated Wok, is a print collection of hand-illustrated Chinese recipes from over 40 chefs from around the world. 

For this illustration of Medwin Pang's dumplings, I was inspired by Pang's Sun WuKong statue and Guan Yu painting at his restaurant, and the natural elements of fire and clouds often depicted in ancient Asian artwork to create the book spread.